My Mission


      As the creator of Shaman Walks, I am very pleased to bring this new innovative way of not only connecting to ourselves but acknowledging our own individual divine power. 

      My mission is simple, make it easy and accessible for everyone to not only live at their highest potential, but to also create a chain of peace within everyone to extend all over the world. When we are able to create peace within ourselves, the world has no choice but to reflect that back to us.  This truly is not new information, but perhaps the details on exactly how to do that is what I am here for. 

Everyone and yes I do mean EVERYONE has the capability to create their physical reality. In fact, I would say everyone is already doing this unconsciously.  My goal is to get you to go from unconscious to conscious.

I look forward to witnessing your growth, thank you.

Chealsea Shaheen

" The only way to heal the world, is to heal ourselves."- Chealsea S.

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