Observe your thoughts

without the judgement.

Just listen to what consumes your mind.

and then begin to acknowledge how those thoughts make you feel.

Become aware of which thoughts you shake hands with, and which ones do not resonate with you.

-Chealsea S. 

Past lives

Every time you reach into your past and you grab those past feelings into your now state, that means you are in fact picking up past timelines.  Which are past versions of yourself, you could even call them past lives.


Memories are just past lives that you constantly like to re-visit. Release your past, and create a new you in the now.


-Chealsea S.  


Your emotions are the gatekeepers to your healing. They are constantly sending you messages. Anxiety, depression, fear...etc.

You were not born on the planet to suffer, so why are you suffering?

-Chealsea S.


At times we forget to thank all of our obstacles, struggles, trials, and pain.

Give a deep thank you, because they have pushed you to introduce a new version of yourself. A better version. 

"Thank you for trying to break me, because now I am unbreakable." 

-Chealsea S. 


You must realize first, that time only exists in the human mind. All realities are simultaneously happening. Which means all things are possible. If you want to manifest something, know that it already exists. So act as if you are living it. Because you are. Ask yourself, what would it feel like, if it was already here. 

-Chealsea S. 


Love is not about receiving

it's not even about giving.

It's about being.

Once you remember that you are love, you never lack, you never even fear it. It can not be taken from you.It's what you are. 

-Chealsea S.