Book the founder for an individual workshop!

Please email shamanwalks.info@gmail.com for inquiries. 

1 hour everyday for 3 days speak directly with Chealsea Shaheen. Every single person's journey is completely different, just like our DNA. We all receive and give information in completely alternate ways. In this workshop you will be given tools, exercises and more to align with your highest potential. This workshop is solely focused on your own personal development. 

  • Heal past traumas

  • align with your highest potential

  • Gain knowledge on how to consciously create your life

Mindful Moment Workshop

Mindful Moment Workshop (workplace)

  Have you ever walked into work already exhausted from the stress levels of the job. Your day hasn't even started yet, but you already have anxiety. According to Les Brown, 75% percent of heart attacks occur on the way to work. When you are miserable, it makes for a miserable workplace. By implementing our mindful moment workshop, employees are able to take our writing meditation technique and implement this technique for the rest of their lives. Through out the week, they will be guided by this simple technique, and will have access to an onsite Shaman Walks coach. This workshop will allow them to release stress levels, and regain their perception to an observer view. 

Youth:  Mindful Journal Project

School Program:

The mindful journal project is completely an innovative way for adolescents to express themselves in an absolutely healthy way. We implement this program in schools allowing the adolescents to not only fully express themselves, but then also become increasingly self aware. It is crucial to our society that now more than ever that we are emotionally healing our youth. Adolescents now more than ever need to become aware of their emotional health that clearly directs to one's mental health. Students will also have access to one of our onsite Shaman Walks mentors.